What's Bird UP?

Bird UP! is a community-based art project that was hatched in 2013 with the Arts Council for Long Beach's A LOT Initiative. Bird UP! has continued by exhibiting at galleries around Long Beach and LA, hosting workshops and events, and has even been interviewed by the local news. Ultimately, Bird UP! aims to create a more positive vision towards nature existing within the context of the urban environment.

We hand-build (Bluebird) birdhouses to be decorated and painted by a continually growing group of talented artists. The "artist-series" birdhouses serve as inspiration and conversation starters to help us re-imagine our relationship with the local birds. We hold community Bird UP! workshops where local residents decorate their own birdhouse to take home. The community birdhouses get put up all around the neighborhood and hopefully attract a feathered friend or two. Attendees learn about the best practices for birdhouses and how to attract birds. 


I pledge to be a supporter of birds of all kinds and their habitats, in the wild and especially in the urban environment where they need our help the most. I will do my part to teach others the importance of having birds in our collective ecosystem. I will use my Bird UP! birdhouse to provide a home for my local birds and will report updates to the Bird UP! organization if, and when, birds move into my birdhouse. I believe that birds and humans can live side by side in harmony and that there are many benefits to encouraging birds back into the places where they once flourished. I pledge to be a positive force to help create an upward trend for all birds, Bird UP!

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